Perfect precision for more than 100 million components a year – accurate to a 100th of a millimetre.

Tailor-made products and mass production in the millions are not contradictory concepts – they are what we are best at.

Parts and components made by Berg are used by customers from a vast diversity of industries, and mostly in large volumes. That requires precision – to the 100th of a millimetre, if necessary. Berg guarantees its clients a high degree of process reliability – which increases productivity and prevents rejects. That is achieved by a highly modern, fully automated machine pool including everything from powerful, latest-generation hydraulic and mechanical presses through CNC-controlled machine tools to complex, component-specific special machines, many of which are designed by Berg themselves. The production process is quality-assured by active quality management according to the strict requirements of ISO TS 16949.

Technological leadership based on experience.

Berg has been Europe's technological leader and market-leading manufacturer in the field of fittings and valve connections for tubular and panel radiators for 65 years. Another key sector is the automotive industry, for which the company exemplary makes high strength metal components in the area of vibration technology and airbag gas generators.
You can rely on Berg 100%.

Product Examples


formed and welded part

Valve Housing

welded component of formed parts

Integrated Valve Component

welded component of formed parts


deep-drawn parts of high-strength steel


component of high-strength formed parts


deep-drawn part with perforation


formed part of high-strength metal tube


welded component of stainless steel


welded component of stainless steel

Inner Part of Anti-Vibration-Component

formed tubular part with toothing

Feeder of Shock-Absorber

formed tubular part

Fuel Filler Neck

deep-drawn part with notches