The innovative development partner of the industry – with more than 65 years experience.

Perfect precision for more than 100 million components a year – accurate to a 100th of a millimetre.

State of the art technologies are the ambition – however, most important resource remains the people.

We bring ideas to form.

Technological solutions that provide industry impulses. With a level of accuracy that is 100% reliable. Berg. Forming Technologies.

Innovation If you can imagine a component, we can manufacture it.

Product and process innovation is traditionally very important at Berg. The company also works closely with universities and technical institutes to combine theory and practice to the best possible outcome. Numerous developments, often leading to international patents, have produced ground-breaking client solutions for forming and joining technology applications. …more

Precision Tailor-made products and mass production in the millions are not contradictory concepts – they are what we are best at.

Parts and components made by Berg are used by customers from a vast diversity of industries, and mostly in large volumes. That requires precision – to the 100th of a millimetre, if necessary. Berg guarantees its clients a high degree of process reliability – which increases productivity and prevents rejects. …more

Careers Outstanding culture of innovation. Excellent opportunities.

Berg is not just a manufacturer of products – it is also a company where ideas are conceived that provide new impulses for the industry. The basis is our highly developed culture of innovation – which would be unthinkable without the outstanding quality of our staff. Regardless of whether you prefer analytical or creative work – if you are interested in technology and looking for a new challenge – this is the right place for you. …more

Company Perfection in detail is the key to a precise whole.

That principle has consistently remained the company philosophy ever since it was first founded in 1950.

Hans Berg GmbH & Co. KG is an internationally operating manufacturer of deep-drawn and metal tube components for a vast diversity of industries. …more

Our quality and environmental management accreditations

History Innovation out of tradition. Berg – since 1950.

Today we are just as much a family business as when we were first founded – now in the hands of the third generation. Such continuity is only possible if a company is not only a leader in innovation and technology, but also prepared to take new directions in business development. …more

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